Dots&Crosses is a blog that aims to provide detailed tactical analyses on a range of subjects in football.

Originally starting as a series of posts in football forums across the internet, in April 2011 Dots&Crosses was started up to provide a base and archive for all the reports produced. Using stats from sources like Opta and WhoScored, D&C analyses both games (in match reports) and specific teams or tactical innovations (through general articles).

The lack of detail and analysis in the mainstream media is alarming nowadays, and the surfacing of such websites as ZonalMarking shows the recent backlash against it. As such, D&C attempts to marry an analytical and unbiased style with the broader, generalised style the media favour today.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey just want to say this is a fantastic site, impressed by the recent articles (as an Arsenal fan I wholheartedly agree with your latest one) and hope to see more quality content in the future.

    Do you have a twitter account by any chance?

    • That I do. Follow me at @DotsCrosses, or @NTMeredith for my personal account.

      Thanks for the praise. I’m still improving, trying to establish a pattern for my stuff. Hopefully better quality stuff in the future though!

  2. Hi, I’ve been reading this blog a while, and I really like your style, slightly more whimsical than ZM which I quite like and I was delighted to see you getting involved in the Women’s World Cup. It is while reading blogs, such as yours I decided to start my own. It has only just been set up and what we need most now is traffic, so I was thinking we link eachother’s blog to increase both our popularity, Here’s the link: tacticalvisions.wordpress.com

    • Hi there. Thanks for the compliments: ZM is of course the granddaddy of all these new tactical blogs springing up everywhere. Shame I couldn’t follow the Women’s World Cup more, I intended to cover most of it but ended up tied up elsewhere.

      Your blog looks good, better set out than most I’ve seen. I’ll give it a mention on Twitter. On that note, you should join Twitter, it’s a great way to raise interest.

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